Security Audit Application

Project Details

The following table lists all the fields in the Project Details panel of the Security Audit Application:

Field Name


Project Name

(Required) Name of the project. CommunityBridge supports one administrator per project who serves as the administrator of that project within Funding—no one else can claim this project for Funding. This project name will appear on your project page.

Note: This name must be unique—no other project can exist in Funding with the same name. However, funds of a different type can use the same name. For example, a Travel fund and a Project fund can use the same name.

Topic / Category

(Required) Type of industry that relates to your repository. For example, the Cloud topic is appropriate for an Express Gateway project. Click in the field to open a list of names to choose from. Click after you select a category from the list. Note: The category/categories are reflected in the List of categories you have added... field after you add a category.

Elevator pitch

(Required) Brief statement of why your project is important to support.

Repository URL

(Optional) URL of the GitHub repository. CommunityBridge uses this URL to display the repository statistics on your project page, and to provide a link to the project’s repository. Note:

  1. Project administrators must provide repository URL. This filed is optional for OSTIF members.

  2. If you choose Add GITHUB Repository from the options while applying, your GitHub repository is automatically reflected in this field.

Website URL

(Required) The Website address that you want to associate with the fund.

License Type

(Required) The software license(s) under which your project operates.

Monetization Strategy

(Required) Brief statement about how your project currently monetizes or plans to monetize in the future

Current Security Strategy

(Required) Brief statement about what approach are you currently following to provide security to your project, and avoid getting hacked. For example are you using Fuzzers or any International software review systems, and so on.

Code of Conduct URL

(Optional) An agreement that describes the rules of behavior for the members of the project. Specify a URL for your code of conduct or create a code of conduct by clicking Start from a template. A default Contributor Covenant appears and you can use it as a template. Click Add Custom Website to add a website to your project by entering a website name and URL.

Project Branding

The following table lists all the fields in the Project Branding panel of the Security Audit Application:

Filed Name


Project Logo

(Optional) A symbol or other design adopted by your organization that identifies your project. Click Browse to upload a file. Preview shows the logo that you uploaded. Note: File type- JPG, PNG, SVG File size- 2MB (maximum)

Accent Color

(Required) The hexadecimal number for the color that you want to use as your project brand, for example, #008000 is green. Enter a hexadecimal number or click in the field to open the color picker. Use the picker by clicking inside the color field to pick a color. You can use the up/down arrows to refine the color by editing the color values. The gray field refreshes to match your selection.

Project Contacts

The following table lists all the fields in the Project Branding panel of the Security Audit Application:

Primary Contact (Required)

Field Name


First Name

First name of the contact person for your project.

Last Name

Last name of the contact person for your project.


Email address of the contact person for your project.

Phone Number

Phone number of the contact person for your project.


Other contact number, such as mobile number, landline number, slack id, social media contact id, and so on of the contact person for your project.

Preferred Method of Contact

Preferred mode of contact of the contact person.

Security Audit Funding Goal

For Project Administrators: You leave this field blank while initially submitting the application. After you submit, OSTF reviews your application, and determines the security audit funding goal for your project. Then, you edit the application page, and complete this field.

security audit funding goal

Terms and Conditions

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