Manage Your Funding Account

You can manage your CommunityBridge Funding account, for example to view a record of all your transactions or to modify your monthly donations.

Do these steps:

  1. Log in to CommunityBridge Funding.

  2. Go to your user account and select an option from the drop-down list:

My Transactions

My Transactions shows your monthly donations and lists all your transactions with details.

  • Click Cancel Monthly Subscription on a project to cancel your donation subscription. Click Yes, cancel subscription on the confirmation dialog that appears.

  • Click Discover projects to go to the Projects page. This option appears when you do not have any Monthly Donations.

My Projects

My Projects lets you see all the projects, security audits, initiatives, events, and funds that you maintain all in one place: My Projects, Security Audits, Initiatives, My Travel Fund, and My Events. You can see the status of a project such as "Pending approval".

Click a project to see the fund details.Click Edit on a card to edit the fund details. Note: Mentorship Goal is displayed under Fund Distribution if your project is enrolled in CommunityBridge Mentorship program.

My Profile

My Profile lets you manage your organization, payment method, and Linux Foundation identity account.

Manage Organization lets you add or edit your organization. Click + Add Organization to add an organization.

Payment Method lets you add or change your credit or debit card provider and number.

Click Add Card to add your card details.

Click Edit Card or Delete Card to edit or delete an existing payment method, respectively.

Manage LFID opens your Linux Foundation account details, and lets you edit settings such as adding an avatar or more email addresses. Click Manage LFID to log in and open your account details. After you edit your account, click Save.

Log Out

Select Log Out from the drop-down list