Get Reimbursed

Beneficiaries submit their requests for project-related business expenses for reimbursement through Expensify. The reviews of the outgoing funds (organization invoices, expenses paid, and so on) occur in the following order:

  1. The project administrator or event organizer validates and approves or rejects the expenses

  2. Linux Foundation personnel review, administer, and process all requests for expenditures to ensure oversight for use of the donated funds. Reported expenses must align to the specific expense policy and are controlled through the policy. For example, the policy might state a hotel price range that is acceptable for contributors or a per diem food allowance. The Linux Foundation approves or rejects the reimbursement.

All expense and claim payments appear in the project's public ledger (transaction list). Full transparency lets anyone see how funds are spent.

Prepare for Reimbursement

Consider the following financial aspects of reimbursement before you make a request:

  • CommunityBridge Funding uses Expensify, a third-party expense management and payment application. Expensify is an online service application that lets you link your reimbursement account and generate expense reports. After an expense report or invoice is reimbursed through that application, it is synchronized with CommunityBridge to provide full transparency.

Have these items handy before you begin:

  • Receipts for the expenses that you want to submit for reimbursement

  • The Expensify policy invitation email that you received from CommunityBridge

Set Up a Reimbursement Account and Create a Report

You set up an Expensify account and link it to a bank or financial service account to receive reimbursements.

The Linux Foundation requires that international (non-U.S.) individuals receive reimbursements via wire transfer. Download the attached Wire Transfer form.

As a beneficiary, you receive an invitation email from the Expensify Concierge informing you that you have access to the CommunityBridge project policy. Use your email address to sign in to Expensify.

1. Go to the Expensify website: Ensure to use the same email address that the Expensify Concierge used to send you the invitation.

2. Enter your password and click Next. Your Expensify Inbox appears.

Expensify Inbox

3. Record expenses in a report to submit them to the project administrator and the Linux Foundation for reimbursement.

Depending on your location:

United States: Set up your Expensify reimbursement account: Add a United States deposit account.

International: Upload a completed The Linux Foundation Wire Transfer Form in place of a receipt.

Submit an Expense Report:

  1. Follow the Expensify procedures for creating and submitting an expense report. After you submit your report, the approver receives an email notification that your report requires attention. The approver reviews your reimbursement request and approves or rejects it. Next, a Linux Foundation administrator validates the expense and approves or rejects the reimbursement. Expensify funds your account.

  2. Upon approval notification, go to your account to access your reimbursement money. It may take up to 30 business days for the funds to be deposited to your bank account.*

*Wire Transfer recipients will get the funds deposited to their account directly from Linux Foundation.