Donate as a Sponsor

Sponsors are organizations who can donate a minimum of $200.00 with no maximum amount. As a project sponsor you can specify how you want your donation to be allocated. When you donate on behalf of an organization (rather than as an individual), you must be authorized by that organization to do so. Organizations making one-time donations may donate via an invoice, all other donations must be made with a credit or debit card.

Have these items handy before you begin:

  • A logo file for your organization in JPG, PNG, SVG format with a maximum size of 2 MB

  • If you are making a payment using an invoice, invoice number.

Do these steps:

  1. Open CommunityBridge Funding. Projects will appear in alphabetical order.

  2. Click Donate on a project of interest. You are prompted to log in if you have not already done so. The New Donation form appears and includes the organizations you're associated with.

  3. Select a preset amount or click in the I want to give field and enter a dollar amount.

  4. Select a donation frequency option: One-time or Monthly. Recurring donations:

    If you choose to donate on a monthly basis, you will be billed upon submitting the donation and will continue to be billed on the first calendar day of each subsequent month thereafter, until you choose to stop the recurring donation. By electing to donate on a recurring basis, you acknowledge that your donation will automatically renew and have a recurring payment feature, and that unless and until you opt out of the auto-renewal of the recurring donation, which can be done through the CommunityBridge Funding service, any recurring donation you have signed up for will be automatically renewed for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the initial term originally selected. In connection with each of your recurring donations, you authorize The Linux Foundation and/or its third-party payment processors to charge your payment method in the amount of the applicable recurring donation and any taxes, fees or other charges. You may cancel your recurring donation by logging into your account and changing your donation settings or by contacting us at

  5. (Optional) In the Donation allocation drop-down list, designate a project goal for your donation to support. The project maintainer may adjust fund allocations at their discretion. If you have a strict fund allocation target, please contact your Linux Foundation administrator.

  6. For Payment Method, select an option:

    • Credit or debit card l- add a default card or edit a default card to use for your donation. Click Add Card or Edit Card to add or edit a card, respectively. Enter your card details and click Submit.

    • Invoice - this option initiates the donation via invoice. You will receive an email from the Linux Foundation with a form that you will need to complete to complete the donation.

  7. Review your donation amounts in the Review Donation section. Notice the fee amounts and the amount that Linux Foundation waives.

  8. Read and agree to the CommunityBridge Platform Use Agreement and the other agreements and policies incorporated therein. Click Submit Donation or Submit Subscription (the button changes dynamically depending on your donation type). Your Accounts page appears.

At any time, you can go to your user account and select My Transactions to edit your monthly donation amount by selecting Edit monthly donation on the project of interest.

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