Apply for Funding

You can submit an application to receive financial support from organizations and individuals to grow your community through a streamlined, automated funding workflow and a transparent, easy-to-use ledger. Adding your project to CommunityBridge Funding can:

  • Attract funding by publicizing funding goals and allocations

  • Keep more money by paying no platform or processing fees (up to $10M in raised funds per project)

  • Reduce busywork by offloading administrative overhead (like invoices and tax paperwork) and streamlining your workflow

  • Increase trust by using a transparent, easy-to-use ledger and an audited, non-profit foundation as your fiscal sponsor

  • Increase adoption of your project by paying for expenses such as for developers, events, or infrastructure

Submission Guidelines

Consider the following submission guidelines before you apply:

  • GitHub Project and Git Project:

    • Your project is 100% open source, has more than one active contributor, and is not backed solely by a single company

    • Your project has at least 100 stars on GitHub (or a comparable rating on other Git-based sources)

    • You own the public Git-based repository

    • You are responsible for project communications

    • You will be responsible for managing payments from project funds

    • You can determine fundraising goals

  • Events and Travel Funds:

    • You are responsible for the fund communications

    • You will be responsible for managing payments from the funds

    • You can determine fundraising goals

Submit an Application

Follow the steps to submit an application for adding an open source project or other fund to CommunityBridge Funding.

Note: The application includes information about yourself and your project; only provide this information if you are authorized to accept the CommunityBridge Platform Use Agreement on behalf of your project.

To submit an application:

  1. Click Apply and then select an option.