CommunityBridge Mentorship

CommunityBridge Mentorship is a platform that offers a structured remote learning program for individuals. Experienced open source project professionals mentor aspiring individuals and help them contribute to the open source community. Linux Foundation matches a percentage of funds for the first 100 mentees from diverse backgrounds to help projects improve the diversity of their communities. Mentees gain real world experience by working closely with mentors. Companies can hire Mentorship program graduates to expand their workforce.

How to Participate

Note: You must have an account or log in to CommunityBridge Mentorship website to participate in the Mentorship programs. For details, see Login to CommunityBridge.

You can participate in Mentorship program based on your role. CommunityBridge Mentorship supports the following roles:

Project administrator: As a project administrator, you can enroll a project so that it is available in the Mentorship program. By enrolling your project, you can expand the size and diversity of the community.

Mentee: You can apply to become a mentee if you are interested in learning open source technology and want to advance your career. By applying as a mentee, you have the opportunity to engage in an open source project under the guidance of someone experienced in the project and community.

Mentor: Mentors are project contributors who want to donate their time to mentor individuals. You can create a mentor profile to become a mentor for participants/mentees in the open source projects.

Company (employer): You represent a company or other organization that is interested in funding and providing interview opportunities to Mentorship program graduates.

How Does it Work?

First, a project administrator enrolls a project. Then, various roles participate as shown in the following high-level diagram:

Note: A prospective mentor has two paths towards becoming a mentor: by invitation only (not shown below) or by submitting an application.

Mentorship Workflow

What is a Mentorship Stipend?

A stipend is a periodic payment for your participation as a mentee in the Mentorship program. A stipend and other incentives support and encourage mentees to participate. Funding for stipends and other perks is determined solely by each project. After you complete the prerequisite qualifications and are accepted to the program, you become eligible to receive a stipend.