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What is Funding?

CommunityBridge Funding is a Linux Foundation service that empowers developers — and the individuals and companies who support them — to advance open source sustainability, security, and diversity. CommunityBridge brings together project administrators, contributors, and users to fund open source projects and events, improve code security, boost the size and diversity of open source communities, and much more. Projects and events can benefit from having a single location where funds are handled in an open and transparent manner.

No fees of any kind are charged against the first $10M raised through CommunityBridge, so developers can put more money to work to drive innovation, sustainability, and adoption. Individual grants start at $5 and corporate grants at $500.

How to Participate

How you participate in Funding depends on your role:

Discover Funds

Anyone who is interested in crowdfunding an open source project can learn about CommunityBridge Funding and get involved. Learn about a project's fundraising goals, donations, expenses, and security vulnerabilities. View fund details to help you decide to apply for funding or donate to funds.

Add a Project, Event, or Scholarship

Project administrators are the primary administrators of open source projects. Administrators submit applications to add their project, event, or scholarship for financial support from companies and individuals to grow their communities. Project administrators can also add a Mentorship program.


Backers and sponsors donate money to open source community projects and events.

  • Backers are individuals who donate a minimum of $5.00 and no maximum amount.
  • Sponsors are companies that donate a minimum of $500.00 and no maximum amount.

Get Reimbursed

Designated beneficiaries get reimbursed for their support of open source community projects and events.

Manage Your Funding Account

Any role who has a CommunityBridge Funding account can manage various aspects of it such as viewing a record of transactions or modifying monthly donations.

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