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With the public release today, we also wanted to update everyone on the open source plans for the software itself. We are currently cleaning up the code, enhancing documentation and getting ready to open source the codebase so that it will be easier for developers to learn the code and contribute. We are a nonprofit and don't have an army of developers so it will take a bit more time. We're also working on soliciting feedback from developers about our plans for the license, code upstreaming model, and code of conduct. In particular we are seeking to align the licensing structure with free software principles. We will open source the codebase with the next release targeted for early Q3.

CommunityBridge is a platform created by the Linux Foundation to empower developers — and the individuals and organizations who support them — to advance sustainability, security, and diversity in open source technology.

Funding is a service on the CommunityBridge platform that helps projects to be financially sustainable. 

CommunityBridge Funding provides a single, centralized location where projects can manage receiving and disbursing funds:

  • funders can donate funds to an account managed by The Linux Foundation, to be used to finance a project’s expenses;
  • maintainers can set funding goals and allocations, and manage disbursements; and
  • project participants can submit expenses for reimbursement and receive corresponding tax documentation.

The Funding service also enables donated funds to be used toward project-wide initiatives, such as stipends for mentorships through CommunityBridge People.

People is a service on the CommunityBridge platform that helps projects to grow their communities, become more diverse, and provide an on-ramp for new participants.

CommunityBridge People provides a hub where projects can offer and manage mentorships:

  • mentees can join an open source community, develop their skills and potentially get an opportunity to connect with prospective employers;
  • mentors can give back with their time and skills, by helping new participants become part of their community;
  • projects can expand and bring in new contributors, to create a larger and more diverse community; and
  • companies and organizations can support the projects that matter to them, by funding mentorship stipends and by offering interview opportunities to mentee graduates.

Some mentorships offer financial stipends to the mentee, which are funded through CommunityBridge Funding. Other mentorships will not offer stipends, but still offer the benefits of a mentor’s guidance and assistance getting involved in a particular developer community.

Additionally, to support its diversity initiatives and to encourage participation from a diverse group of mentees, The Linux Foundation is offering matching stipends for the first 100 mentees selected for diversity mentorships through CommunityBridge People. These stipends will consist of $3,000 USD funded by the project and a matching grant of $3,000 USD funded by The Linux Foundation.

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